Fred Ashman
Director, Writer, Producer, Consultant


Award Winning
Writer, Director, Producer and Author
shares techniques that absolutely work.

Winner of over 120 awards with vast experience in production of film, video and live events all over the world, Ashman has is setting his sights on new projects.  The company he founded, Multi Image Productions Inc. 1973-2013 earned him a global reputation for excellence and creativity.

Projects for 2015 include multiple directing assignments around the US and internationally, as well as speaking engagements at universities in 3 states.   

"Every pro who wants to grow and every student entering the biz who what to break in fast should take both these classes."  

Feb 28 The Business of the BIZ  
Hobby or Profession?
  Concept, Budget Control Creative = make a better living in production.   
March 21 Client Building / The Successful Pitch:  How to: 1. Separate yourself from the pack, 2. open new doors,  3. Prep  4. Pitch and win.      

Pros $125.00 per class         Students $60.00 per class  
Award winning  Producer Writer Director Author
Winner of over 100 awards and 
Creator of over $150 million in Independent  

“Cross The Line” TV series pilot,  Art of Play, TV series pilot (Europe & US)    “Just An American,”feature film, “Building the Megaships,” “Operation Homecoming,” “AA national commercials,” “Commercial Aviation Story,” “USAF –WWI to Present,” Dream Of Flight (70mm), Spirit of American (70mm), Commercial Aviation Story, and hundreds more.