Award winning Producer, Director, Writer, Consultant

"Advocate for the Audience" for Production pros
"Advocate for the Audience" for Executives

Award Winning Producer reveals success techniques for Production Pros and Executives who hire them.

Techniques and practical examples applied specifically for 

Executiveswho fund and manage creative projects,

& all members of the Creative Team:

Producer, Director, Writer, DP,  Editors, Actors, Musicians, Composers, Graphics and Animation, Audio, Gaffers, Grips, Designers and all the others on production teams.  

FAQ   "So how did you do it?"   Finding new clients, funders, getting so many big budget assignments, nationwide, earn over 100 major awards, and keep huge international clients coming back for over 30 years in a row?

 The path to long term success for all kinds of non-broadcast and broadcast projects

are explained in detail with lots of real "case study" experiences.

Success and failures revealed, and proven techniques explained. 

Separate yourself from the crowd, build your brand and grow your career. 

Book & Digital Release summer 2018.  

By Producer, Director, Writer, Fred Ashman